Three Acts Of Goodness School Proposal

Three Acts Of Goodness School Proposal


1. Theme: The theme of this project is called the Three Acts of Goodness, or the
Three Virtuous Acts, or any other name you might choose to adapt as
long as it fulfills the goals of the project.
2. Organiser: Nan Tien Institute, Wollongong, NSW

3. Goals of the Project:

  • Provide students with artistic activities through which to improve their artistic skills and promote acts of goodness;
  • Through this school program based on the “Three Acts of Goodness” (speak good words, do good deeds, and think good thoughts), it is hoped that students can be inspired to live with these good principles, practicing mutual respect and tolerance. Hence, in the process of these actions, they can spread joy and love to all corners of society;
  • Generate endless imagination and creativity within the theme: “Practice the Three Acts of Goodness”; and,
  • Actualise the “Three Acts of Goodness.

4. Participants: Primary and High Schools in NSW
5. Rules for entry:

  • Implement daily practice of “the Three Acts of Goodness”;
  • Schools are required to submit a proposal outlining their plan to implement; and
  • All proposals must meet the criteria and format set by the organiser.

6. Participants should fill out the application form clearly and return a copy to:

Reverend Miao You
Nan Tien Institute
PO Box 1336
Unanderra NSW 2526
Or email